Four Business Fields That Lead the Fashion Industry

With a foundation of know-how built up over many years, we continues to support the fashion business across our four business divisions. Allowing each of these to evolve and efficiently interlink, we deliver joy and great experiences to all, taking on the challenge of creating new added value.
  • Textiles Business

    Our main and the founding business that has won top share in the domestic market. We have gained excellent customers and leading suppliers in the industry as partners by our own risk strategy: we read the trend, propose desired products ahead of the time and supply the products at the moment it is needed by having stocks. In recent years, we have built a strong and trustworthy relationship especially with high-fashion women's apparels by organizing our domestic and international supply chains as well as planning and developing high-value added textiles. The textile collections, such as “ZEN kiwami” for overseas sales, are widely chosen by high-end apparel brands around the world.
    In addition to a wide variety of products, we seek for its originality. We are working to create what can only be created by STYLEM with the cooperation of our leading textile manufactures.


    OEM products (manufacturing with specifications and designs provided by customers) business in which we have enhanced our efforts as our new feature to deal with major structural changes of the apparel industry. Upon strong backbone of textile business, we propose high-value-added apparel products supported by our selected and developed textiles as a competitive edge. We have in-house designers and pattern makers who rapidly and precisely respond to our customer's needs, and present new trend and designs for the upcoming seasons through our exhibitions. This highly esteemed comprehensive product proposals are highly evaluated and have consequently increased existing ODM business (manufacturing with our specifications and designs) volume year by year.
    We are now expanding our garments business to overseas and will continue to expand toward a broad range of targets making use of our abundance of information and deep insights into fashion.

  • Lifestyle Business

    Lifestyle related business that explores potentiality of non-apparel fields based on know-how essential of our textile business: reading the trend, proposing desired products ahead of the time and supplying the products at the moment it is needed. We not only offer a wide range of products from home fashion such as bedding and loungewear to home and living items such as towel, slippers, cushion, apron and accessories.
    We aim to creates synergy between such non-apparel businesses to accelerate our challenge toward new lifestyle businesses.

  • Raw Materials Business

    Weaving threads and raw materials business that has as long history as our textiles business. As a textile-specialized trading company, this business has grown along with procurement, planning and development of textile. We carry variety of weaving threads and raw materials ranging from natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton, etc. to chemical fibers materials suitable for material composition. Using our global networks and information collecting ability cultivated as a trading company, we not only supply high-quality materials from production regions abroad, but also produce and provide high-value-added original threads. In recent years, we have created new values in the development of textiles and apparel products at the material stage by increasing internal cooperation. We will further enhance our procurement and development capabilities by fulfilling functions to support direct sales as well as in-company projects.