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Privacy Policy

STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “STYLEM”) is fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information and is therefore resolved to make every possible effort to secure and protect our customers’ personal data according to the following guidelines:
  1. 1.Compliance with Applicable Laws and Rules
    In order to handle and/or use personal information properly, STYLEM shall not merely comply with applicable laws, social rules and regulations governing the protection of individual information but shall also establish STYLEM’s own regulations binding all its directors and employees to observe and stand to STYLEM’s policy to protect customers’ personal data.
  2. 2.Safety Control and Management of Personal Information
    In order to ensure safety control and management of personal information, STYLEM shall appoint and retain a bona fide administrator who shall be held fully responsible for taking any and all necessary safety measures to protect and prevent loss, damage, leakage of and/or illegal access to any such personal data collected and acquired.
  3. 3.Acquisition of Personal Information
    STYLEM shall not fail to specify each customer in advance of the purposes of using any of his or her personal information in the event of collecting and obtaining such information to the extent as deemed necessary to perform its business and ensure that any of such personal data shall be acquired in an absolutely lawful and fair manner.
  4. 4.Purposes of Using Personal Information
    STYLEM shall undertake to use any personal information collected or acquired solely for the purpose so specified at the time of collecting or acquiring such personal data and to such extent as deemed necessary to conduct its business.
  5. 5.Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
    STYLEM shall undertake not to provide or disclose to any third party or person any personal data obtained or collected from its customer(s) without prior consent from the customer(s) in question unless otherwise requested by operation of laws.
  6. 6.Disclosure, Amendment, Deletion, Discontinuance of Use of Personal Information
    Requests from the customer(s) to disclose, amend, delete and/or discontinue to use any of his or her personal data collected and stored by STYLEM shall only be complied with upon duly identifying the customer(s) in question.
  7. 7.Revision of the Provisions of The Guidelines
    STYLEM shall review and reexamine the provisions contained herein whenever deemed necessary in further efforts to improve the system of protecting every and all personal information and data collected and stored by STYLEM.
For any questions, comments and/or requests concerning the manner or system of handling personal information provided hereinabove, please do not hesitate to contact the General Administrative Division of STYLEM address of which being as
The provisions herein contained shall also be applied to STYLEM’s website so as to ensure further rigid control and management of personal information collected and acquired from customers. For further details of guidelines for handling personal information as shown on STYLEM’s website, you are kindly requested to refer to the “About Customers’ Personal Data” prepared separately by STYLEM.

About Customers' Personal Data

This page explains the approach used by STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD.-(hereinafter referred to as “STYLEM”) for the handling of personal information. With the exception of the circumstances described below, STYLEM shall not actively seek to collect personal information about visitors to its website. See the following for more specific information.
Collecting Private Information
STYLEM shall not actively collect nor try to obtain personal information on this website. Certain information sent automatically by visitors’ browsers may be used. Information sent by browsers generally includes a domain name (the portion of your email address following the “@” mark) and sometimes includes a username (the portion of your email address preceding the “@” ). Since the nature of the information sent varies depending on the type and configuration of your browser, you can check your browser for more specific details. With the exception of tracing the activities of users related to violations of security and cooperating with government authorities in the event of legal problems, STYLEM shall not make a practice of identifying individual visitors.
Collected Information
The information sent automatically by visitors’ browsers may be used to gain an understanding of what pages visitors accessed, from what website they entered STYLEM’s site, and what website they visited next. This information may be used to gain an understanding of actual usage patterns and to improve the quality of the website in the future.
Providing Private Information to Third Parties
STYLEM shall undertake not to use the information collected on this website for marketing purposes. Although the nature of the Internet sometimes results in information being transferred to servers located at overseas facilities, such transfers may only be performed for data storage reasons and shall in no event be carried out for marketing purposes. In the event of a violation of security or a request from government authorities, this information may be released to a third party. Information allowing the identification of individual users shall be destroyed, while the remaining data may be used for recordkeeping or statistical purposes.
In the event that a visitor voluntarily provides an email address to STYLEM, STYLEM shall use that email address to reply to the visitor. Information such as email addresses that may be used to identify individual users shall in no case be used for marketing purposes.
Similar information may have been collected on previous visits to this website. By accessing this website, visitors are considered to have indicated their acceptance of this privacy policy, as well as their acceptance of the fact that STYLEM continues to make use of information collected on previous visits.
For the convenience of visitors, STYLEM has provided links to other websites on this website. While STYLEM has established a suitable privacy policy for its own website, it is unable to make any such guarantee regarding the collection of information on other websites. In the event that you choose to visit a website other than STYLEM’s, we recommend that you review that website’s privacy policy.
Questions regarding this website’s handling of personal information may be directed to