We are developing textiles and materials friendly to the environment and society
with a collective title of ECOARCH.

With a commitment to realizing a sustainable supply chain,
we aim to serve as a bridge to a better society
through innovative products that are ahead of their time.




Considering environmental impact in the use of raw materials
Considering environmental impact in manufacturing processes

  • People-friendly
  • Air-friendly
  • Water-friendly
  • Energy-friendly
  • Back to nature

STYLEM is implementing a variety of initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint and impact on society. We are proactively adopting environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices, such as processing technologies that curb carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the use of water resources and energy in the manufacturing process. As well, we are adopting raw materials that have less impact on the soil and the oceans.




Using organic raw materials

  • People-friendly
  • Water-friendly
  • Soil-friendly

One initiative for protecting the environment is using a variety of organic raw materials such as certified organic cotton. Such materials are produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which reduces the impact on water resources and the soil environment. It also protects the health of producers and improves their working environment. We will pursue the sustainability of natural fibers, which are the bounty of the earth.




Considering forest conservation in the use of raw materials

  • Forest-friendly

Deforestation around the world caused by logging and burning is advancing at a rate greater than nature’s ability to recover. By using managed raw materials, we contribute to sustainable forest conservation. Protecting forests also helps protect essential aspects of the global environment such as the air and water.




Using recycled raw materials
Manufacturing with materials that used to be discarded

  • Recycling
  • Utilizing materials that used to be discarded

Maximizing resource circulation through the reduction, reusing and recycling of material is essential for building a circular society and minimizing the impact of waste. We will proactively adopt recycled materials to ensure social and environmental sustainability.




Using raw materials that protect the dignity of animals

  • Animal-friendly
  • Animal product-free

Human beings benefit greatly from animals. We believe the coexistence of human beings and animals while protecting animal dignity are important elements for realizing a sustainable world. We will contribute to animal welfare by using materials that replace animal products and promoting animal husbandry that is very similar to the natural ecological environment.