Year Corporate Chronology World Events
2021 TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. and STYLEM CO., LTD. were integrated, and the trade name was changed to STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD.

Takisada-Osaka Era

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
2018 Ryuta Taki appointed as Chairman, Representative Director of STYLEM CO., LTD. Japan (OSAKA) elected to host of World Expo 2025.
2016 STYLEM KOREA CO., LTD. established  
  Masayuki Sako appointed as President, Representative Director of STYLEM CO., LTD.  
2015 Company shift to a new group management structure positioning TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. as a group headquarters.
STYLEM CO., LTD. succeeds textile and garment business of TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. by company split, and Osamu Ogawa appointed as President
2014 Company celebrating 150th anniversary of its founding  
2013 Relocation of headquarters to Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka China’s Chang’e3 Lands on the moon
  Corporate brand "STYLEM" launched Mount Fuji registered as a World Heritage
  STYLEM ITALIA S.R.L. established BOJ decide to carry out new quantitative and qualitative monetary easing measures.
2012 STYLEM TRADING (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. established Tokyo Skytree opens
2011 STYLEM INTERNATIONAL (H.K.) LTD. joins the group Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake
2010 Middle-term Management Plan "Chance to Change (C2C)" program launched China surpasses Japan as world's No. 2 economy
2009 Takisada-Osaka Trading (Shanghai) CO., LTD. established Barack Obama becomes first African American President of the United States
2008 Takisada-Osaka Shanghai Representative Office established Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers
  Ryuta Taki appointed as President  
2001 Akihiro Taki appointed as President September 11 attacks U.S.
  Takisada CO., LTD., splits into Takisada-Osaka CO., LTD., and Takisada-Nagoya CO., LTD.
Sales: Takisada-Osaka CO., LTD. 86 billion 57 million, Takisada-Nagoya CO., LTD. 63.6 billion 87 million

Takisada Era: 4th Phase

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
2000 Takatsuki company dormitory of Osaka branch receives 3 awards: the 46th Osaka Architecture Contest Osaka Governor Prize, the 10th Green Landscape Award Osaka Governor Prize, and the 20th Osaka Urban Landscape Architecture Prize Osaka Architect Chair's Award Sydney Olympics held
1995 Attivo CO., LTD. established Kobe Earthquake
1994 Takisada Garment Institute dissolved  
  Kinichiro Taki becomes President and Akihiro Taki becomes Vice President  
  Company celebrates 130th anniversary of its founding  
1993 Names of Nagoya Branch and Osaka Branch changed to Nagoya Office and Osaka Office EC launches with 12 member countries
1991 Kansai Warehouse CO., LTD. (Osaka Branch) established
Takatsuki office building completed
U.S.S.R. collapses
1989 Japan’s bubble economy expands and sales reached highest since its founding
(both branches total 229.1 billion yen)
Fall of the Berlin Wall
1986 Takisada American Corporation closed  
1985 Sales reach 200 billion yen (all branches)  
1984 Company celebrates 120th anniversary of its founding  
1980 Hokko CO., LTD. established Iran-Iraq War begins
  Sales reach 150 billion yen(all branches)  
  Sueo Taki appointed as President  

Takisada Era: 3rd Phase

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
1978 Company starts management support for Sugimura LTD. Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and the People's Republic of China concluded
1977 Company starts management support for Tokyo Clothing LTD.  
1975 Sales reach 100 billion yen (both branches in total) Vietnam War ends
1974 Osaka Branch sets up Warehouse (currently Takisada Kansai Warehouse CO., LTD.)  
1972 Shinso CO., LTD. established  
  Company starts supporting Watanabeya CO., LTD.  
1971 Relocation of Osaka Branch Headquarters Building to Bingo-cho, Chuo-ku  
1970 Top Lady CO., LTD. (currently Apparel Division Section18) incorporated
Ssales reach 50 billion yen (both branches in total)
Japan World Exposition opens
  Company joins the management of Tokyo Fujii CO., LTD.  
  Takarou Taki appointed as President  

Takisada Era: 2nd Phase

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
1968 Takisada Garment Institute (Osaka Branch) established in Ankoji-cho, Takatsuki-shi Japan’s GNP becomes second in the world, after United States
1967 Osaka Branch Tokyo Office established in Nihonbashi Yoshi-cho, Chuo-ku European Community (EC) launched
1966 Takisada American Corporation founded Chinese Cultural Revolution
1964 Self-sustenance business structure promoted  
  Company Celebrates 100th anniversary of its founding
New company emblem "TS" created
Tokyo Olympics held
1963 Sales reach 20 billion yen (both branches in total) U.S. president Kennedy assassinated
1962 Garments and Lifestyle Division starts ODM  
1960 Sales reach 10 billion yen (both branches in total) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) founded
1958 Large management innovation effected at Osaka Branch  
1954 Company merges Kyoto and Osaka Branches and creates new Osaka Branch in Bingo-cho, Chuo-ku  
1953 Sales reach 5 billion yen (both branches in total) Soviet Prime Minister Stalin dies
1952 Company sells Teikoku Textiles CO., LTD. Treaty of San Francisco signed

Takisada Era: 1st Phase

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
1950 1st Meiryukai held
Takarou Taki appointed as Vice President (resides in Osaka)
Korean War begins
1948 With clothing rationing system, company focuses on textile handling Cold War intensifies
1946 Company handles hardware goods and textile goods which were not regulated by distribution control  
1945 Loses all 11 overseas offices at the end of World War II End of World War II in Europe
1943 Company name change to Takisada LTD.
President Sadasuke Taki dies at 39
Junjiro Taki appointed as President while being drafted
1940 Takisada Shoten CO., LTD. established Churchill War Cabinet formed in England

General Partnership Company Establishment Era

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
  Company opens a branch office in Taipei
Company opens a branch office in Bangkok
Company opens a branch office in Shanghai
Opens branches in Busan, Mukden, Jinan, Xuzhou, and Tainan
1939 Company opens a branch office in Keijo
Company expands Osaka Branch
Company sells Osaka Branch East Office to Kureha-Bouseki KK
World War II breaks out
1938 Company opens a branch offices in Dalian and Tianjin  
1936 Construction of new head office starts in Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi "Stalin" Constitution enacted in the U.S.S.R.
1933 Company merges with Takisada Shokusan LTD.
Sends residents to Dalian
Japan becomes No.1 cotton exporter in the world
1932 Sadasuke Taki Ⅱ dies at 64
Kenzo Taki succeeded to the lineage and took the name Sadasuke Taki
1919 Company opens a branch offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong
Company profits quadruple compared to previous year due to special procurement demand for the world war
Peace Treaty of Versailles signed
1914 Rebuilding of Osaka Branch to the original site World War I breaks out
1909 Takisada Shokusan Company established  
1908 Osaka Branch Export Division established London Olympics held
1906 Establishment of Takisada GMK and its Osaka Branch  
1903 Sadasuke Taki Ⅰ dies at 58
Shotaro Taki succeeded to the lineage and took the name Sadasuke Taki

Private Practice Era

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
1896 GSK Sanryu-sha and Teikoku Textiles CO., LTD. established
Nippon Sharyo , LTD. established
1893 Silk factory relocated to Tonerimachi and established Nagoya Weaving GSK  
1889 Silk factory established in Nishishincho, Nagoya-shi Paris Exposition (Eiffel Tower opens)
1888 Kyoto Branch established  
1887 Owari Textile Company established  
1882 Established the Nagoya Bank together with Hyoemon Taki. Sadasuke became the president of the bank. The Bank of Japan established

Founding Era

YearCorporate ChronologyWorld Events
1864 Company established