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Realizing everyone’s
reachable “My Story”
for happy smiles

What is the essence to carve out the society and new ages?
It is the present life of each of us and joy, pleasure and hope for tomorrow within it.
The business that meets the needs of the time is the one that stays present
to people and the one that offers accurately what people want.
We believe that such business leads to the creation of better society and the better future.
For this reason, we aspire to think about, create and propose to the society
what services or products each and every one are longing for to become
what they really want to be and to realize the environment
in which they really want to be in.
That's where we are at. "My story" that we propose is nothing but value-creation
activities to achieve a better lifestyle. 
We hope that our product would become a mean of communication and connect
a person to various people, things and cultures around and that we can give
emotional moments, new perspectives and finally a better life to that person
who had our product.
We will continue to evolve toward a company that can create emotional
smiles in every people’s lives.

To achieve our vision,