Sustainability Policy

Society is placing increasing importance on sustainability. This concern is a result of economic development that leads to consequences like damage to the global environment, the limits of which are becoming apparent. Our industry is not exempt from these concerns, and there are many challenges we have to face such as overproduction and environmental load. Sustainability is a necessary premise for conducting business activities going forward, and it is essential that companies integrate this mindset into management as well as business policies and activities.
In order to achieve the vision, “Coloring the world with the individuality of people,” set forth in our corporate philosophy, and to ensure the continued sustainability of STYLEM, a company with over 150 years of history, we have established a policy for sustainability and five priority issues.


Working to create social benefit
and economic value
that advances the SDGs

“Creating tomorrow’s style with an unwavering dedication to innovation.”
STYLEM has always created innovative business models.
We hope to create an innovative new style for sustainability efforts as well.

Our Sustainability Materiality

Our Sustainability Materiality

Nurture personnel who will create the future

  • Develop staff who will take on challenges relentlessly
  • Develop staff who have innovative power and creativity
  • Create a rewarding work environment that will nurture diverse personnel

Cultivating and developing personnel that will contribute to the betterment of society has always been the ultimate goal of our company. We aim to develop personnel who are action-oriented with a strong will to challenge and achieve results. At the same time, we aim to empower creative innovators who can think outside of the box to develop new ideas. To that end, we will continue to strive to create a rewarding environment where diverse personnel can grow and work with satisfaction.

Create a sustainable supply chain

  • Work with suppliers who can grow with us
  • Create lean manufacturing systems
  • Work to build a circular ecosystem

As STYLEM does not directly operate factories, it is important for relationships with suppliers to be sustainable. We aim to engage in deep and long-term relationships with suppliers who share the same strategies and ideas. And with such suppliers, we will pursue a sustainable supply chain by considering initiatives of lean manufacturing, reducing waste and not using new resources, while striving to create a circular economy. We intend to reduce excess inventory of apparel by refining the management of our textile inventory.

Create products friendly to the environment and society

  • Pursue thorough traceability
  • Create high quality products
  • Promote the use of materials with reduced environmental impact, recycled materials, animal-friendly materials, etc.

We will ensure that each production process includes thorough traceability starting with raw materials. While achieving greater product quality in manufacturing, we will strive to meet the goal of sustainability by minimizing burdens on the environment and society to the greatest extent possible.

Create new businesses and services

  • Create new markets and needs
  • Promote collaboration with outside parties
  • Create a digital-based platform

To develop new markets and needs that are suitable for the times, we will engage in regular cooperative efforts with third parties, such as partnering with academia or additional industries, while constantly honing our expertise. We will openly share our capabilities to create new businesses and services with partners who have the same goals in order to combine our strengths. We will also work toward the development of a digital-based platform, improve our operations, and enrich the customer experience by making the real-world to digital transition as seamless as possible.

Create sustainability efforts with local communities

  • Promote businesses that develop alongside local communities
  • Conduct social contribution activities in line with sustainability goals

The production areas that support our supply chain are spread all over the world. Local industries are closely linked to their local communities and cultures, and the development of a region has a great impact on business. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships of coexistence and mutual benefit with our suppliers by contributing to the growth of local communities and developing production areas. In addition, we will carry out social contribution activities in line with our important sustainability goals.