Corporate Brand

In May of 2013, we launched the corporate brand "STYLEM". Under this brand and new brand logo, we as a group have strengthened, led and managed our organizations to accelerate our global strategies. The brand "STYLEM" embodies our will to pursuit customer value in fashion and lifestyle market and, it appeals the core values of STYLEM's business to the world. “STYLEM” will keep creating and developing new materials, products and services for people to enjoy fashion and to realize happy life worldwide.


Art / Mode, School, Manner
Words, Act / Methods of expression, Way, Tradition
Thing / Design, Type, Lifestyle, Living
Clothing / Fashion, Trend
Needle of a phonograph
Gnomon of sundial

Intangible value that enriches people’s lives
To define in each period in history
To be a powerful guide
in fashion industry

Ylem is "the original matter that (according to the Big Bang theory) existed"
before the formation of the chemical elements.

Based on "αβγ paper" propounded by a theoretical physicist George Gamow, "Big-bang theory" was brought forth by Georges-Henri Lemaître.
Gamow supported this theory. As a highly successful science writer, Gamow wrote many books for novices explaining the complex physical theory in simple words.
"Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland" is one of those books well-known.
Ylem means 'space between heaven and earth' in Hebrew.

The beginning of the universe and all the elementsn
The root or the origin
The origin of clothing
Seeds that exist between fashion and people