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Global society is currently at a major turning point. People are becoming aware of the limits of excessive capitalism, and the idea of “sustainable society” has been gaining in importance. The social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 have accelerated such change of people’s consciousness. There was a time when the pursuit of economic value was considered a right. Now, there is a groundswell of another way of thinking that aims to allow for the pursuit of wealth while simultaneously respecting the social rights of all.
This is true in industries in which we are involved, such as fashion apparel. People are becoming aware of issues such as oversupply and environmental impact and it is becoming apparent that these issues must be addressed.

A business can only continuously develop if it is considerate and provides benefit to its three main stakeholders. Beneficial to sellers, buyers and society as a whole.
However, economic activity has both positive and negative aspects, and there is no such thing as "the only correct answer," but what is important here is endless effort to integrate various contradictory issues at high levels. Aiming to create social value is merely a continuation of that effort.

Though the above idea is a matter of course, it was left overlooked and unchallenged.
Now we want to be a company that takes on the challenge of creating a "desirable normalcy" by discarding the old “normalcy". Our slogan, "Shed the status quo, and don the challenge," is rooted in this thinking.
Digging deeper and seeing through to the essence without being bound by superficial events, and being as faithful as possible to the essence while at the same time having the flexibility to deal with complex problems... We believe that this idea will lead us to achieving a sustainable society.

What is happiness? What is wealth? As technology has developed, we feel that these fundamental questions are being reexamined.

“ Creating tomorrow’s style with an unwavering dedication to innovation.”
“ Coloring the world with the individuality of people.”

What’s important for us is to respect the dignity of all people and to value the preciousness of creating and producing for them. We have been in business for more than 150 years, we have taken on various challenges during important times throughout our history while staying true to the essence of matter in everything we face. We will never hesitate to take on challenges.

President, CEO
Ryuta Taki

Time moves in cycles,
And never returning nature is human.
Time moves in cycles
And the most typical of this is fashion.
The nature of the universal law is vague and formless.
Therefore, has various shapes and wears colors of the time.
The nature of the universal law is vague and formless.
Therefore, is never reached though pursued in tide.
We state our mission As to pursuit the universal law hidden within the shifting nature of fashion.
For the strong belief in the constitution,
We take ultimate responsibility to innovate the trend of fashion.

Having taken fashion as our calling,
Care people by manifesting to the society,
The shapes and colors required of the time on universal law. Our strive to master fashion as our being,
Comes from the belief that only through knowledge in reality Will bring us closer to the universal law.
We have chosen to embark the difficult journey.
For this is the only course of action to us.
Examine the past; not regret.
Analyze the present; not anguish.
Desire the future; not despair.
Be specialized in all.
We will take the difficult journey.
We have as much strength as kindness.