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Today the power of the individual is arguably greater than ever before now that the Internet is highly developed and deeply embedded in people’s lives. In such days, it is the diverse happiness and joy of each and every individual and the hope for tomorrow this happiness and joy generate that create our society and drive our era. Our aim is to pave the way to emotive moments and new discoveries by continuing to imagine and propose the wish of each and every person in the world to be what they want to be. To achieve this, it is essential to endlessly pursue the universal truth lying behind the ceaseless changes. However, this universal truth is never clearly visible, repeatedly clouding over just when it seems clear and moving away into the distance just when it seems close.

Our role is to pursue the form of this universal truth more than anyone else does and shape the minute signs we can observe until we can transform it with confidence and ultimately to embody it in products, such as our decisive styles and colors, to deliver to people. This is certainly no easy task. However, we want to go down the road that is not easy with pride and sincerity precisely because we believe this path leads to the universal truth and getting closer to that will translate into hope for tomorrow for every person in the world.

Our history of over 150 years has been one of a constantly improving pedigree. Now that technological innovations are dramatically accelerating social shifts as captured by the expressions Industry4.0 and Society5.0, we will ride the waves of change to continue moving forward while further deepening our pursuit of the universal truth.

代表取締役会長 瀧 隆太


The business environment surrounding the fashion industry is changing at a faster pace than expected with accelerating globalization and diversification of consumer needs. In order to respond to this change and to continue moving forward ever more strongly, we must return to our roots as a wholesaler. This means we must once more provide our customers with the goods and services that are truly wanted by the consumers who are their customers in a timely manner. Looking to the future while continuing to meet needs accurately, the very essence of a merchant, is more important than anything else.


It is our abilities as human beings which make this a reality in any era.
In order to refine our business acumen and creativity, we must continue to strengthen our analysis of information, which will enable us to be familiar with and read the market, and our decision-making capabilities. Going forward, we will continue forging ahead together in order to contribute to the advancement of the global fashion business while having faith in and developing our abilities as human beings.


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