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Striving for the New Era with Our Superiority

代表取締役社長 酒向 正之
代表取締役社長 酒向 正之

On February 1, 2015, STYLEM CO., LTD. made a new start succeeding the spirit of TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. that has been passed down for over 150 years since its foundation, as well as the company’s unique strengths and know-how in product planning, development, procurement and sales. Toward further growth and business expansion, STYLEM CO., LTD. has been making strenuous efforts and challenges ever since aiming to become the world’s strongest supplier of textiles and apparel products.

However, the fashion industry today is going through dramatic changes at a much faster speed than we had expected: globalization is accelerating while customer needs are ever more diverse and individualized. To remain at the vanguard in such a tough environment, we must look back to our business roots as a wholesaler and strengthen our superiority—the ability to provide desired products at the moment it is needed. We have and will continue to foresee the market and develop products and services ahead of time to meet the very needs of our customers.

It is our employees’ skills that can make this a reality.
We have always succeeded in determining the next growing market by sensing the change in the market itself, analyzing the trend and accurately perceiving change in our customers’ needs. “Having a nose for good deals and vivid creation as a merchant” are our profession and one thing that we, our each employee, have cultivated since TAKISADA-OSAKA era. It is our ultimate mission to perpetually develop such employees to satisfy the market and our customer needs.

STYLEM CO., LTD. now opens a new chapter towards the future; however, essence of our business to “Always provide the best to our customers” will never be changed. STYLEM will always seek for a better future and will keep taking on challenges to create new possibilities for the fashion industry.

代表取締役社長 酒向 正之