Global Strategy

Let's challenge to new business with the global teamwork

The fashion business is entering in the new era with the globalization of the production and distribution in the apparel field. In 2011, we created specialized division for overseas marketing and began a full-fledged global strategy.
So far, we have established local corporations and representative offices in China (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Xiamen), Korea (Seoul), India (New Delhi), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia (Bandung), Italy (Prato) and U.S.A. (New York). We will actively continue to expand the overseas business.
Each of these bases builds ICT infrastructure to realize smooth communications between each base and function which leads us the consistent operation from the procurement of materials to sewing. We have supported business globalization of existing customers and have also established local businesses in these regions. We are challenging to become the strongest supplier in the world creating new values in domestic and overseas markets.

Our teamwork for new possibilities and global expansion

Even if countries and languages are different, our aspiration and passion for the business are the same. Here are our overseas members who support our global business in each country.
  • 「上海」スタッフ画像

    Huining LiuSales

    Together with the sales representatives of each department at our company, my job is to sell globally trendsetting textiles to apparel businesses in China. I also develop textiles with STYLEM in Japan, to provide products with excellent cost-performance that meet the demands of our clients. I strive everyday at work in order to earn even more trust from our clients. Together with the other senior staff members, we rigorously and compassionately lead the endearing junior staff as we grow together.
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    Peng Mao Zha XiSales

    I present and sell textiles from the entire STYLEM company to apparel businesses in Southern China. I also work towards gathering information and developing new products, in order to showcase new textiles that match the needs of our clients. After a relationship starts with just a brief encounter when I visit customers to develop a new business, it is very pleasing when we gain their trust as we go through the manufacturing process together. I hope to grow together with my colleagues while we share our past experiences and knowledge.
  • 「香港」スタッフ画像

    Nicole, Ng Yi KiAssistant Manager

    I am sales assistant. Some of my jobs include preparing samples of textiles and making an estimate and following up customers' orders until the products are in hand of the customers. I am also responsible for translation services. I have set a big goal to move STYLEM INTERNATIONAL (H.K.) LTD. forward by sharing my knowledge and expertise with our group members. It is a hard work, but I love my job.